502 Rycom Se
502 Rycom Locating In The Field
502 Rycom Locating Equipment

Transform the Way You Locate Utilities

Rycom instruments make finding buried utilities so much easier — all while helping you perform your job with absolute accuracy. This is powerful precision made affordable. Rycom engineers masterfully developed a variety of line, cable-identification, and fault locators: industry-proven and customer-focused.

Use the SnapTrack's Sophisticated Technology

Discover a Precision Locating System with a multi-watt tracing signal: giving you steady, direct connection. Rycom’s Pathfinder SAF Technology™ revamps this cable and pipe locator, offering prime signal acquisition and filtering capabilities. Line locate without having to use a transmitter, thanks to a number of passive frequency options. One unique transmitter setting lets you “set-and-forget”— so you never have to repeatedly relocate your transmitter again. 

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