A Body Built to Last:

  • Unitized, cylindrical water tank with full longuill sub-frame
  • 3/16″ Non-corroding stainless steel water compartment
  • 3/16″ High strength exten steel debris compartment
  • Two heavy-duty body reinforcement rings
  • Full opening rear door
  • Liquid Tight Seal of the rear door is always assisted by a non corroding stainless steel ring
  • For independent, field adjustable rear door locks
  • Adjustable rear door hinges
  • Dual lift cylinders to open the rear door
  • Material-backed air inlet
  • Top-loaded debris compartment for maximum debris capacity
  • Material loaded at the front of the debris compartment for better separation
  • Debris compartment Inlet diffuser significantly reduces material carry over

The Smoothest Drive System:

  • Mid-ship transfer case directs the power of the engine to the blower and hydraulic system
  • Transfer case rated at 550 continuous horsepower
  • Transfer case mount is vibration isolated with four isolators
  • Oil level sight glass

Power vacuum performance:

  • Rotary lobe positive displacement blower
  • Minimum air slippage under vacuum
  • Direct shaft drive
  • Blower Mount is vibration isolated with for isolators
  • Ultra quiet specifically engineered absorption silencer
  • Blower air connects isolated by rubber couplings
  • Silencer supports independent of blower
  • Oil level sight glass
  • Rated at 4,500 CFM and 18” of vacuum
  • Upgradeable to 5,000 CFM or 4,000 CFM, 27” Hg
  • Operator-friendly vacuum relief valves


  • Top-loading body.
  • Debris compartment Inlet diffuser direct material from the airstream.
  • Dual 10” Floatballs to shut off liquids from overflowing
  • 10” Low-friction pipe work.
  • Specifically engineered centrifugal separator to force the dust and mist from the airstream into a large capacity compartment.
  • Air passes to final 300 micron stainless steel vee wire screen before entering the blower.

GapVax MC Series Specs

GapVax Boom:

  • Boom support works as one with the chassis
  • Heavy-duty dual lift cylinders
  • 180° rotation
  • Full 8” Flow capacity
  • 3/16” tube design for minimum friction and very long compartment life
  • Field-adjustable seal.
  • Standard 9’ extension, 26’ reach from center of the truck

Put It Together:

  • The heavy-duty sub-frame is bolted to the chassis
  • 4” cross I-beams for maximum rigidity
  • Full body pivot pin through rear of sub-frame for the excellent dumping stability
  • Double acting 3-stage dump cylinder extend the life of the chassis suspension
  • Torque stabilization system

Jetting System:

  • High pressure water pump designated to use water up to 300 micron
  • Rated at 50-100 GPM at 2,000-3,000 PSI
  • Positive displacement tri-plex plunger style pump
  • Uses “chevron” seals, no rope packing
  • Direct shaft drive from 8 to 10-bolt transmission PTO
  • Can operate independent of the vacuum system

Front Hose Reel:

  • Hydraulically powered direct drive gearbox
  • Variable speed control
  • Heavy-duty (hardened steel) water swivel
  • Positive action spooler lock
  • 4’ (passenger side) articulation from center of bearing
  • 180° rotation
  • Mounted on a heavy-duty 12” bearing with external grease fittings
  • Air operated brake
  • Operator-friendly control station
  • Easy and full engine access for maintenance
  • Integrated docking station allows full hose reel operation without moving the boom

Tri-plex Water System With Multi-flow

Water is stored in the stainless steel water tank. The filtered water enters the water tank via water fill, which is filtered through a 400 micron water filter before entering the water tank. High pressure water from the water pump is directed to the front hose reel. Precise control of water pressure and flow is accomplished with the multi-flow valve. The multi-flow control valve located on the front control box panel.