Industry's most powerful & durable sewer tools


WGR Switcher

The new WGR Switcher is two tools in one. Switch between pulling or cleaning without removing the nozzle from the pipe. when the pump is idled down and brought back to pressure the tool will siwtch the water flow between two different sets of jets.


  • Eliminates extra runs needed to swap nozzles - saving water and time
  • Run more jobs with one tank of water
  • Switch to pulling jets for maximum thrust. Excellent for longer runs, climbing hills, going against the flow and flushing large amounts of material
  • Switch to cleaning jets to maximize power for cutting roots and and clearing debris, all with out affecting the houses


The Warthog WHR Magnum is designed for mid-size pipes and lines, with the proven power and durability of the Magnum line of sewer tools.


  • Latest seal technology effectively handles dirty or recycled water
  • Optimized speed control mechanism extends maintenance intervals
  • Flush style head protects front shaft seals for longer fluid life
  • Carbide nozzles generate higher quality jets
  • Streamlined design improves forward and reverse movement through pipe
  • Hardened steel centralizer fins with 4x longer life
  • Independently replaceable fins can be easily replaced as wear occurs without opening tool body

WD 1-1/4

Proven effective for municipal, industrial and commercial drain cleaning applications, the Warthog WD 1-1/4 is designed to handle the same applications as the WG-1 but at higher flows. The 1-1/4” inlet combined with seven ports effectively distributes more water. The WD 1-1/4 is field-maintainable for low cost of ownership and can be fitted with replaceable AP2 nozzle tips sized to maximize pump efficiency.


  • High flow capacity up to 120 gpm (450 l/min)
  • Controlled rotation — Slower dwell time allows jets to penetrate deeper through deposits
  • Multiple head options — Customize tool for unplugging, descaling or manhole cleaning
  • Highest quality jets — Hardened stainless steel orifices resist cracking and scratching
  • Optional descaling head available

Warthog WG Complete Overhaul