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Who We Are

Born and raised in a small town in Kentucky, JC Spalding believes when you’re looking to do business, look no further than the people. Here at 502 Equipment, you’re calling not just somewhere, but someone genuine. This is a company where Spalding, the owner, founder, and president, picks up on the other end of the line: supporting you with integrity and compassion. He cares about the hard-working people that use every truck, camera, and nozzle 502 distributes.

Over six years ago, Spalding first cut his teeth in the rental business. He helped grow a promising vac truck rental company from one location with five trucks to a strong regional brand, multiple locations, and more than 70 trucks revving on the road. That first year, his persistence and dedication to outstanding customer service led him to drive 120,000 miles to visit well past 20 states. Throughout this experience, he connected with water and utility workers across the country.

It dawned on Spalding: too many weren’t made aware of the technology and equipment that could transform their work. Passionate about the potential for better service and training to make a difference, Spalding started his own dealership in February 2017. 502 Equipment provides full-service, quality equipment and a level of service that stands unmatched in the industry.

This all started with GapVax. When the Cadillac of trucks approached 502 about becoming a dealer, the decision was a clear yes. 502 Equipment feels proud to be the exclusive GapVax dealer for Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. Today, not only does 502 distribute the best truck on the market with service to match, the portfolio has expanded to include pipeline inspection equipment, a suite of  powerful nozzles, sewer tools, and communication and safety devices. Spalding only sells products that he believes are in his customers’ best interests.

This kind of level of service and education hasn’t existed on the market before now. 502 Equipment is not just an expert in this field — the value here transcends the tools and equipment. Spalding leads with trust, integrity, and deep respect for customers, recognizing all the hard work they do.

502 Equipment understands what a difficult and critical role it is to manage our society’s water and utility infrastructure. That’s Spalding’s goal: improving water and utility management with game-changing equipment, tools, and service.

These tools have been around for decades — and many workers don't even realize what they've been missing. 502 finds it rewarding to share the advantages of new equipment and education, empowering a fundamental change in the industry. Just ask any of 502 Equipment’s devoted customers. 502 Equipment isn’t here to sell you just anything. This is a company that will come through for you, day or night. Unbelievably solid pieces of equipment and outstanding customer service here are made to help you.


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