PipeHunter SideKick Easement Machine

502 Pipehunter Se 1
SideKick Easement Machine
502 Equipment Pipehunter Easement Machine
502 Equipment Sidekick Easement Machine

Get the Job Done with a Helpful Boost

When manholes have you blocked on street access, your combo truck doesn’t provide the reach you need, and your hose is too short to run the line, you need a “sidekick.” The PipeHunter SideKick Easement Machine is the perfect solution for that extra support.

Standard Features

  • Polymer Urethane-coated frame assembly 
  • Stanley Track system 
  • 600-1,000' capacity reel assemblies (3/4" & 1") 
  • Reel-mounted controls 
  • Hydraulic reel drive with chain reduction 
  • Diesel or gas-powered engine 
  • Tie-down transport provisions 
  • Additional LED lighting 
  • Custom Tilt-Deck transport trailer

Learn What This SideKick Can Do For You

We offer tracks to articulating options, giving you strong flexibility for whatever terrain you encounter.

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