Red Dawg Scout & Scout Lite

502 Reddawg Nozzle
Scout & Scout Lite
502 Equipment Scout Product
502 Equipment Scout Lite

Stop Cleaning Blind with the New Red Dawg Scout

This one-of-a-kind sewer camera makes inspecting pipes and blockages on-site become efficient and affordable. Inside the body of the nozzle, you'll find an action camera embedded — offering you a quick view of recorded video on any phone or tablet.

Tackle Sewer & Storm Lines with the Red Dawg Scout Lite

Start gaining better and cheaper access into sewers and storm lines between 6" and 15". The Red Dawg Scout-Lite is available for both 1/2” and 3/4” systems. Three water-proof LED flashlights provide a simple light source for the camera. Moreover, the three AAA batteries can be readily changed — quick and easy.

Log Video Footage on Your Computer

The Red Dawg Scout contains an SD Card, which is great for logging video footage. Our extendable skid also empowers you to center your Scout in any pipe, no matter the size. The Red Dawg Scout is available for jetters of all shapes and sizes greater than 25 GPM.

Ideal for Navigating Any Sewer Environment

A durable sports action camera is embedded inside the aluminum body, protecting and centering your Red Dawg Scout-Lite camera. The sports action camera is also impact-resistant and waterproof.

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