Root Dawg

502 Reddawg Nozzle
Root Dawg
502 Equipment Red Dawg Root Dawg Nozzles 1
502 Equipment Root Dawg Jet Streams

A Great Tool for All Purposes

A powerful revision gives this nozzle new life. Use the Root Dawg for general cleaning to stoppages (grease and roots). The eight rear 30-degree provides thrust and pipe wall scouring force to propel this nozzle up the line. The real magic shines in the rotating front jet.

Just Wait Until You See the Force of This Nozzle

The insert begins to rotate at about 1,000 PSI, breaking up anything in its path. Even while producing incredible force going forward, the Root Dawg maintains the ability to protect the sewer line or any material from damage. An added benefit: the rotating front tip is field rebuildable when needed.

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