502 Reddawg Nozzle
502 Equipment Texan nozzle
502 Equipment Red Dawg Texan Nozzle

The Power You're Seeking with a Little Less Size

The Texan nozzle is made of stainless steel, featuring 12 rear-facing jets at three different angles. The Texan-Lite offers the same jet power with an aluminum design, so you can better tackle long runs or steep grades. These Tier 4 nozzles fuse the best of leading technology in streams and flow dynamics.

Discover Our Cutting-Edge EST Inserts

Our EST inserts are the sewer cleaning industry's latest innovation. Flow straighteners within the insert keep the water that leaves your Texan nozzle compact and manageable. This means you get more power than ever when the Texan makes contact with the pipe's wall!

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