The Suite of Hydra-Flex Nozzles

502 Hydraflex Nozzle
502 Equipment Machete Nozzle
502 Equipment Hydraflex Ripsaw And Nozzles

Command Incredible Precision with the Machete

The Machete™ blasts a 0-degree water steam that oscillates, creating a 15-degree wedge of powerful flow. This heavy duty, high impact nozzle is made of stainless-steel housing and tungsten carbide wear surface — made to withstand harsh environments and provide a longer run than ceramic nozzles. The replaceable nylon cover means instant changeability and a more durable overall life cycle.

Some unique advantages include: 

  • Innovative oscillation design better protects users and sensitive underground utilities 
  • Unusually fast, controlled oscillation saves you water 
  • Acts as a finishing tool for any job: from trenching to cutting through compact soils

Save Water and Get More Digging Done with a Ripsaw

The Ripsaw Rotating Turbo nozzle is specially designed and engineered for the rugged Hydro-Excavation industry. This tool's cone-shaped flow pattern is brilliant for potholing applications.

502 Equipment Reaper
502 Equipment Switchblade

Start Cutting with the Reaper: Our Rotating Sewer Jetting Nozzle

Designed and engineered specifically for water jetting applications, the Reaper™ Rotating Jetting Nozzle brings you unparalleled cutting power — and produces unrivaled cleaning results. This is a tool ready-made for the residential, municipal, industrial, or contractor industries. Start using the Reaper in your future pipe cleaning and sewer jetting projects!

Some standout values include: 

  • The Reaper’s rotating front jet creates a 0-degree, straight water stream that blasts at up to 4000 PSI 
  • Rear jets provide a 20-degree angle for maximum thrusting and pulling power 
  • Durable and reliable in any environment you face 
  • Optimized stream quality offers greater impingement — helping you complete jobs faster 
  • You can use one tool for various applications, from cutting and cleaning to removal 
  • Utilize smaller nozzle sizes and match or outperform nozzles with higher GPM flow rates

Cut Through Dirt Lightning-Fast with a SwitchBlade

The Switchblade ™ nozzle is revolutionary in the Hydro-Excavation industry. These heavy-duty, high-impact nozzles help you cut through dirt faster — and cut down substantial water usage too. The flow-straightened insert pills make this stream quality shine above the competition.

Try the Marksman: Our Long Distance Cleaning Nozzle

The Marksman™ is a static, 0-degree, solid-stream nozzle — engineered to deliver accurate and superior long distance cleaning. Made of stainless-steel housing, this nozzle provides a perfect one-two punch: both lightweight and durable.

Some exclusive benefits:

  • Controlled flow ideal for cleaning corrosive environments like lift stations 
  • The stream cleans accumulated solids and grease buildups 
  • Stronger accuracy lowers the risk of damaging crucial pumps and electrical components 
  • You won't need multiple lances to reach extended distances or harnesses to lower yourself into confined spaces — this means less time and effort for every job 
  • With an up to 20 GPM - low water flow design, you’ll reduce each job’s water consumption and duration

Leverage Better Precision and Higher Impact

This suite of nozzles offers the support you need: no matter the pipe, sewer, dirt, or distance.

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