The Switcher Family

502 Warthog Nozzle
The Switcher Family
502 Equipment WHR Hybrid Switcher
502 Equipment WHR Hybrid Switcher With Jets

The Pulling Force You Want for Uphill Jetting

The latest addition to the Warthog product line, the WHR Hybrid Switcher, provides greater pulling force for use in uphill jetting applications. This is a specialized tool made for hilly terrains: oriented toward users with 3000 psi/50 gpm (207 bar/190 l/min) pumps turning to a 1” (305 mm) hose to clean 6” (1830 mm) pipes.

WHR Hybrid Switcher's Standard Features

  • Relieves the need to have two separate nozzles 
  • Increases production and removes more debris 
  • Ramps up efficiency — you can adjust water flow per operating mode 
  • Allows you to trust just how well you've cleaned — the jet angles are optimized 
  • Simplifies maintenance — repaired anywhere and easily with SAE Tools 
  • Offers a wide range of applications with 1,200 to 5,000 (83-350 bar) operating pressures

502 Equipment WGR Switcher In Motion 1
502 Equipment WGR Switcher Roots

Save Time and Water

Choose the new WGR Switcher: it's two tools in one. Switch between pulling or cleaning without having to remove the nozzle from the pipe. When the pump is idled down and brought back to pressure, the tool will switch the water flow between two different sets of jets.

WGR Switcher's Standard Features

  • Eliminates extra runs needed to swap nozzles 
  • Run more jobs with one tank of water 
  • Switch to pulling jets for maximum thrust — go against the flow and flush large amounts of material 
  • Switch to cleaning jets to optimize power — cut roots and clear debris without disruption

502 WHR Switcher
502 Equipment WHR Switcher With Jets Product

Switch to Cleaning or Flushing Without Ever Leaving the Pipe

The WHR Switcher will work for you non-stop 8 hours every day, without problem. Just "switch" between a pulling/flushing mode and a cleaning mode while using the same head. When flow is cycled on and off, an internal mechanism redirects it, sending all the flow to either the pulling/flushing (back and front) jets or the cleaning (side) jets.

WHR Switcher's Standard Features

A single Warthog Switcher Head can perform a cleaning job that would normally require two or more different heads with different jet configurations. Direct all of the flow to exactly where you need it most; either for pulling/flushing or cleaning.

  • Phenomenal for longer runs, climbing hills, going against the flow, and flushing large amounts of material 
  • Switch to cleaning jets, giving you better control of power to cut roots and clear debris — without affecting the houses

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