502 Warthog Nozzle
502 Equipment WHR Sewer Nozzle With Jets
502 Whrnozzle 1

Use the Latest Seal Technology

The WHR is a Controlled Rotation Sewer Nozzle — designed for waterjet cleaning of pipes to sewer lines. Whether you’re cleaning mid-size pipes or lines, utilize the WHR for dependable power and durability.

Standard Features

  • Optimized speed control extends maintenance intervals 
  • Replaceable fins made of hardened steel — providing longer life 
  • Flush style head protects the front shaft seals, also extending fluid life 
  • No disassembly necessary, which means there is less chance for contamination 
  • Choose your rotation speed with 3 viscous fluid options

The WHR Advantage

When you use the WHR on your job site, here are the added values you will find:

  • Streamlined design prevents the tool from catching inside of pipes 
  • Easily convertible from pulling to rescaling 
  • Descaling ports in place to meet your job’s varied needs 
  • Innovative seal effectively handles dirty or recycled water for better performance

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