Stereo microphones – Every Sonetics wireless headset has a microphone on the forward edge of each ear dome. When you toggle the listen-through feature on, those microphones let you hear outside sound without the need to remove the headset and its vital hearing protection.

The stereo separation created by those microphones helps you perceive whether a sound is coming from in front, from behind or to the side.

Dial in your perfect mix – You’ll hear outside sounds at the same time you hear voice communication happening over the wireless headset. It’s important to note that team members on wireless comms with you will only hear your voice, not your listen-through audio.

Listen-through’s independent volume control means you’ll always be able to hear voice communication. And you can choose between four volume levels for just the right amount in any situation. Turned up to maximum, listen-through actually amplifies your normal hearing slightly, giving you what we call “wolf ears.”

Protection from impulse sound – But how can you protect your hearing with all this extra sound and awareness? Any sudden loud sounds you hear while listen-through is on are automatically limited to 82 decibels to ensure compliance with hearing safety and conservation standards. If you’ve ever used shooter’s muffs at the range, this feature works in a very similar way.

Sonetics Specs


Crews talk to each other in real-time and completely hands-free. No interruptions or stopping equipment. Instructions are delivered clearly, questions are answered directly – all while the work rolls on.


When the headsets are on, the crew is fully protected. Since they can freely talk to each other, there’s no need to remove them.


Real-time communication gives the crew warnings, alerts, instructions and updates—at the ready. Job hazards, risk of injuries and mistakes are avoided.

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